Category: Self Development

Did you say “New Year’s resolutions” ?

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I hope that the Holidays went very well for you, that you got everything you wanted and, no matter if 2017 was a good or a bad year, that you are ready to turn

Meditation and me…

Hi, how are you ? Self-development has now become a kind of “fashion” or “trend”. There are books and magasines about this topic in every library, videos and podcasts on Youtube, free and less-free programs and apps… Everything is set

Let’s talk about strength…

Hi, how are you ? Life is not always calm and easy, as we all know. Is there somebody on this Earth who has never known grief, pain, failure, despair, disappointment, loss or need ? I do not think so.

Reading : an open door on other lives…

H, how are you ? I wanted to talk to you about self-development and reading is clearly a part of it. At least in my opinion. I have been reading since I am a child and I currently use all