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Beyond Seeing Exhibition in Paris : Day 2

Hi, everyone. How are you ? You can find the first part of my stay in Paris right here, if you want. I f I have to sum up the morning of the 19th January, I would just say “breakfast”

Beyond Seeing Exhibition in Paris : Day 1

Hi, everyone, how are you? As I wrote it on my social networks, I went to Paris for a few days to visit the Beyond Seeing exhibition, which is the conclusion of the project launched by the Goethe Institute in

Did you say “New Year’s resolutions” ?

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I hope that the Holidays went very well for you, that you got everything you wanted and, no matter if 2017 was a good or a bad year, that you are ready to turn

Audio description : open your ears…

Hi, how are you ? Today, I wanted to write a slightly different post… Most of visually impaired people know about audio description because it has an important role to play in order to let people have access to audiovisual

Meditation and me…

Hi, how are you ? Self-development has now become a kind of “fashion” or “trend”. There are books and magasines about this topic in every library, videos and podcasts on Youtube, free and less-free programs and apps… Everything is set

Listen to your books (and many other things) on your iPhone with Voice Dream…

Hi, how are you ? Today, I would like to talk about culture and reading. I think that well-bien is also a matter of intellect, spirit and this can mean “reading”. I won’t write about a particular book today (it

Let’s talk about strength…

Hi, how are you ? Life is not always calm and easy, as we all know. Is there somebody on this Earth who has never known grief, pain, failure, despair, disappointment, loss or need ? I do not think so.

Reading : an open door on other lives…

H, how are you ? I wanted to talk to you about self-development and reading is clearly a part of it. At least in my opinion. I have been reading since I am a child and I currently use all