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Video : What kind of foundation should I choose ?

Hi, everybody, how are you ? I finally filmed a new video in English about foundation. It’s kind of hard to choose your foundation correctly so I decided to give you some tips to help you in avoiding mistakes. Hope

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Video : Different types of eyeshadows

Hi, everybody, how are you ? I am finally coming back with a video ! I am really sorry but, as I said, life has been a bit hard last month. I am not here to complain, huh ? I

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Video : Brushes, sponges and hygiene

Hi ! How are you ? It’s FINALLY here ! My latest video in English. I hope you won’t be bored and that it will be useful to you. You can watch it (or listen to it) by clicking on

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Tip : How to match your makeup with the color of your clothes or your eyes ?

Hi ! How are you ? In this new video, I am answering to this interesting question : How do I do if I want to make my makeup match with the color of my outfit or my eyes ?

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How can a visually impaired person read your blog ?

Hi ! I decided today to answer to an interesting question that I saw on a Facebook group. I hope it will help you to understand how visually impaired people use a computer and the Internet. Than you for watching

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My relationship with make up + some pieces of advice

Hi ! Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend ! I am coming back today with a video explaining my own relationship with make up to put you at ease. Do not hesitate to tell your story in the comments

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Let Me introduce Myself

Hi ! As promised, here is my introduction video in English. Sorry, I made some grammar mistakes but it is not easy to speak a foreign language in front of a camera ! I hope you will enjoy it !

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