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It is looking a lot like Christmas…

Hi, everybody, how are you ? This short post to wish you the best Holidays ever. My own year has been full of good things related to this blog, with workshops at the Ligue Braille, a trip to Berlin, meeting

The “Beyond Seeing” Project in Berlin : Day 2

Hi, how are you ? I am back to tell you the end of my story in Berlin (I was there on 11th and 12th October). Here is a little reminder of the first day. I woke up in the

The “Beyond Seeing” Project in Berlin : Day 1

Hi everyone, how are you ? As you know, I was invited to fly to Berlin, on the 11th and 12th October, to attend different events for the Beyond Seeing project. The project has been launched by The Goethe Institute

Flying to Berlin !

Hi, how are you ? I am very please to announce you that (this !) Wednesday 11 October and the day after, I will be in Berlin to attend a workshop organized by the British visually impaired fashion designer Bianca Maria

Self-development and me…

Hi, how are you ? When Valentine’s Day arrives, love for others or for yourself is a top priority. I don’t want to talk only about body, face, makeup and creams but also about courage, making your dreams come true,

Happy holidays !

Hi, everybody ! How are you ? I have not been blogging a lot these days but I am working for you, I promise ! I guess it is the same for you between Christmas evening, tree decorating, gift-packing, preparing

A new address for the blog is coming soon !

Hi, everybody, how are you ? I have finally bought for the blog ! The non-profit organisation Décrivez-Moi will also have its website as but you’ll have to wait until I install and set everything up to see

See a bigger future

Hi, how are you ? I have been working on this blog since January, I have talked about it around me, I have a lot of ideas coming in my mind and I am very happy to announce you that


For English, just go a bit further. Salut à tous, comment allez-vous ? Un petit message pour vous informer qu’il n’y aura rien ici durant les deux prochaines semaines. Je pars en vacances et je compte bien profiter de mon

Let’s talk about Blush ?!

Hi ! How are you ? Some days ago, on Facebook, I saw someone asking for help with the shade of a blush. You know about blush ? That powder that can make you look prettier or look like a