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Skin care for MEN : some ideas for oily skin / skin with acne

Hi, how are you ? Some of you have been asking for men skin care products for a while now and I finally started to answer to your questions with this post ! Some others are coming very soon but

Why should I take care of myself ?

Hi, how are you ? I wrote an article on another non-profit organisation’s blog and I wanted to translate it into English for you because it might be interesting for you. Do not hesitate to let a comment to share

My face skin care

Hi, everybody, how are you ? I wanted to write you something a bit different that can be interesting for you as well, especially if you want to start taking care of your skin but you want something affordable or

Tip : Take care of your skin !

Hi ! How are you ? Spring is here, summer is coming, and we can feel it ! We are happier, we want to rest and sunbath, we want to spend our time eating or reading or walking… Outside. But

Tip : The NIVEA after-shaving balm can be a perfect and affordable primer

Hello ! I discovered that little tip on the Internet thanks to different bloggers and Youtubers and I decided to give it a try by myself, to make my own opinion. I had some concerns that I will talk about