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Skincare routine Summer 2017

Hi, how are you ? As my last skincare routine post has been written on January, I think it is time for an update. Some products are new, others are not. But what’s for sure is that I use them

Deodorants and me…

Hi, how are you ? I wanted to write you a short and fresh post to start this summer. As fresh as the deodorant I apply on my armpits every morning (and sometimes during the day as well) to smell

Which mask should I apply on my face ?

Hi, how are you ? Imagine that you are relaxed, in your bathroom or your living room. Good music in your ears, maybe a refreshing or a cold drink next to you, and a mask on your face… Quite nice,

Skincare routine for men with dry skin

Hi, how are you ? A few months after my skincare routine for men with oily skin, I decided to write about dry skin and to look after some ideas of products for all wallets and needs. If you feel

A sweet sugary mouth with Lush…

Hi, how are you ? I already talked about my body and face skincare routine, but, as you may know, I also take care of my teeth and lips as correctly and often as possible. If you do not do

My body and face skin care routine… for now !

Hi ! How are you ? I wanted to present you, with all these new resolutions and all these changes we schedule for each year, some ideas to start (or going further in) taking care of your skin. There is

Skin care for MEN : some ideas for oily skin / skin with acne

Hi, how are you ? Some of you have been asking for men skin care products for a while now and I finally started to answer to your questions with this post ! Some others are coming very soon but

Why should I take care of myself ?

Hi, how are you ? I wrote an article on another non-profit organisation’s blog and I wanted to translate it into English for you because it might be interesting for you. Do not hesitate to let a comment to share

My face skin care

Hi, everybody, how are you ? I wanted to write you something a bit different that can be interesting for you as well, especially if you want to start taking care of your skin but you want something affordable or

Tip : Take care of your skin !

Hi ! How are you ? Spring is here, summer is coming, and we can feel it ! We are happier, we want to rest and sunbath, we want to spend our time eating or reading or walking… Outside. But