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Maybelline’s Colorshow nail polishes

Hi ! How are you ? I wanted to talk to you about an affordable collection of nail polishes. The Maybelline Colorshow nail polishes look great and it’s said that they dry very fast. Perfect for the coming spring, is

Tip : taking care of your nails with Vitry

Hi ! How are you ? Sometimes, I like to write you some tips to take care of yourselves instead of simply describing products. It breaks habits, is not it ? But taking care of yourself is not only applying

The Couleur Caramel matte nail polishes

Hi ! How are you ? Organic cosmetics are trendy these times that is why, after talking about lipsticks last time, I wanted to talk about nail polishes. I did not know that nail polishes could be organic until I

The Color Riche Nail polishes by L’Oréal

Hi ! How are you ? I wanted to talk to you about a collection of nail polishes that I already tested and that did not upset me. A mini packaging, an attractive price, a large list of shades… The

ESSIE, the nearly accessible nail polishes

Hi ! How are you ? I wanted to say how I was grateful to ESSIE for its efforts when it comes to accessibility : name of the shades written on a sticker placed on the cap, rectangular bottle so

Sinful Colors : What is available in France ?

Good morning, or evening ? I know that in my introduction article, I told you that I was going to begin with eyeshadows but, as I discovered that the product I picked at first was a limited edition, not available