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Gems on your nails thanks to Dior ?

Hi, how are you ? Today, a very small post presenting a very small collection of nail polishes made by a (very) prestigious brand. As I always say, I want to think about everyone, whatever their budget or taste, and

Lancôme Vernis in Love nail lacquers

Hi, everybody, how are you ? I try to respect everyone’s taste so I decided to write a bout a nail lacquers collection that is qualified as “luxury” products. Each 6ml bottle is quite expensive (17 € / $15, 50

Quick Dry Nail Polishes by Peggy Sage

Hi, how are you ? I am coming back to you with a very special collection of nail polishes : all the names of this collection are actually first names. And I am pretty glad that mine is in it

The Sugar effect nail polishes by WYCON Cosmetics

Hi, how are you ? I wanted to talk about Wycon, a brand born in 2009 that I discovered thanks to a store that opened in my hometown. The products are very affordable and everything looked quite tempting. I only

H&M Beauty : nail polishes

Hi, everybody, how are you ? H&M will never stop surprising me ! They launched their first beauty product more than one year ago but I was not aware of it and now, it is impossible for me to deny

The Washington DC nail polishes collection by OPI

Hi, how are you ? I havn’t talked about OPI on the blog yet ! OPI is an American brand born in 1981. It seems that there are no wierd stuff in their products and that the brand does not

Flormar’s Matte Nail Polishes

Hi ! How are you ? I discovered the Flormar products a few weeks ago in a Bleu Libellule shop next to my home and I decided to buy two nail polishes. The first one is a sparkling grey and

The Ceramic Nail Lacquer Collection by ARTDECO

Hi ! How are you ? I am back with a big nail polish Collection by ARTDECO. I already presented you an eyeshadow palette some time ago. I haven’t bought the palette yet but I bought some individual eyeshadows by

The 1 Seconde nail polish collection by Bourjois

Hello ! How are you ? I wanted to talk to you about these nail polishes because I love their packaging ! The bottles of the 1 Seconde collection by Bourjois have a classic circle base but it ends like

Bo-Ho’s green nail polishes

Hi ! How are you ? I come back with some products to present you ! I chose today a nail-polishes collection that is available in a lot of drugstores in Belgium and I hope that you can get them,