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I tested some Boho Green Cosmetics products

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I already talked a bit about natural/organic makeup and beauty products on the blog in this post  and some people advised me to try some products (I will, i promise !) and not to be

I choose natural…

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I have been interested for some months now in natural and bio-certified cosmetics. More than probably because it is trendy, I have to admit it, but I have discovered some interesting things and I

The Luminous Blush Range from Becca Cosmetics

Hi, how are you ? I haven’t talked about contouring for a while and i want to change that ! I have seen lots of becca products on Youtube and that made me want to describe a range of blushes

The Magnif’Eyes Colour Edition eyeshadow palette by Rimmel

Hi, everyone, how are you ? Today, I would like to present you a very compact eyeshadow palette which is perfect t take with you on holiday. The Magnif’Eyes eyeshadow palette in Colour Edition (there is also a Blush Edition

My skincare routine (2018)

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I have already written this kind of post several times but things have changed since my las skincare routine. So i decided to give you some new details. I promise I am not sponsored

By Terry’s Eye Designer Palette

Hi, everyone, how are you ? The brand By Terry is born in 1998, created by Terry de Gunzburg. The products sold by this brand are seen as “luxury” products. I heard of them thanks to several youtubers and I

The Colour Intense lipsticks by Lavera

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I know that more and more people are interested in organic and natural products, surely better than chemicals. Lavera is a brand born in Hanover in 1987 that only sells organic and affordable products.

What about eyebrows ?

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I wanted to write about some hairs that can change all your face, all the way you look. Yes, a mustache does that, making a grown man look like a teenage boy when it’s

The “The Blush Bar” Contour Palette by Benefit

Hi, everyone, how are you ? Here is a new post about contouring and about a brand I never mentioned on the blog before : Benefit. Benefit is born in America in 1976, founded by twin sisters Jean and Jane

My nail routine

Hi, everybody, how are you ? I decided to write a post that has been asked to me so many times : How do I apply nail polish on my nails ? I will answer to this question speaking only