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Did you just say “earrings ” ?

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I wanted to write about a little objet that can make an outfit and a face look prettier (worth for men and women) so I decided to write about earrings. Made of metal, plastic,

Winter is coming… Want to buy a new coat ?

Hi, how are you ? Fall is here, winter is coming tomorrow and the weather is getting colder. At least in the morning and the evening, everyone puts on a sweater or a coat. I love coats ! There are

A swimsuit for Summer without (too many) complexes ?

Hi, how are you ? Summer is coming ! Heat, sun, beach, holiday… well, people do take a break at any time of the year but mostly during summer. It’s THE time of the year when you are supposed to

Which kind of bag do I need ?

Hi, everybody, how are you ? A little one ? A big one ? Leather or fabric ? Which color should I choose for which kind of event ? Here are a sample of the questions I have about (hand)bags

Valentine’s Day : Do you want some Jewels ?

Hi, How are you ? Valentine’s Day is coming very soon and, may you have found your soulmate or not, you might want to offer a present to someone : friend, parent, … But what should we choose ? Flowers

Fashion : socks, tights, knee high socks… Any idea ?

Hi, how are you ? A moment ago, on Facebook, somebody asked me about socks and tights : how to wear them ? What kind color can go with what kind of clothes ? How can I feel pretty and

Clothing : some tips to avoid making mistakes with colors

Hi everybody ! How are you ? As promised, I wrote you my first “fashion” post trying to help a bit those people who are afraid of making mistakes in terms of colors. When surfing on the net, I realized