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Beyond Seeing Exhibition in Paris : Day 2

Hi, everyone. How are you ? You can find the first part of my stay in Paris right here, if you want. I f I have to sum up the morning of the 19th January, I would just say “breakfast”

Beyond Seeing Exhibition in Paris : Day 1

Hi, everyone, how are you? As I wrote it on my social networks, I went to Paris for a few days to visit the Beyond Seeing exhibition, which is the conclusion of the project launched by the Goethe Institute in

The Crushed Lip Color collection by Bobbi Brown + a “half-thanks”.

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I am currently reading a book written by Bobbi Brown, a makeup artist who founded her brand in 1991. Her aim is to promote each woman’s beauty. I really like her book ; big

Did you say “New Year’s resolutions” ?

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I hope that the Holidays went very well for you, that you got everything you wanted and, no matter if 2017 was a good or a bad year, that you are ready to turn

It is looking a lot like Christmas…

Hi, everybody, how are you ? This short post to wish you the best Holidays ever. My own year has been full of good things related to this blog, with workshops at the Ligue Braille, a trip to Berlin, meeting

The Shade + Light Contour Palette by Kat Von D

Hi, how are you ? Today, I come back with a face contour palette. I use this kind of products for events like weddings, Christmas, … so I like to write posts about them but just tell me if you

Some advice for the Holidays…

Hi, everyone, how are you ? Christmas and New Year’s Eve re coming very quickly, and I bet that you already have plans, haven’t you ? No matter if you invite people at your house, go out with family or

Gems on your nails thanks to Dior ?

Hi, how are you ? Today, a very small post presenting a very small collection of nail polishes made by a (very) prestigious brand. As I always say, I want to think about everyone, whatever their budget or taste, and

The “Beyond Seeing” Project in Berlin : Day 2

Hi, how are you ? I am back to tell you the end of my story in Berlin (I was there on 11th and 12th October). Here is a little reminder of the first day. I woke up in the

The “Beyond Seeing” Project in Berlin : Day 1

Hi everyone, how are you ? As you know, I was invited to fly to Berlin, on the 11th and 12th October, to attend different events for the Beyond Seeing project. The project has been launched by The Goethe Institute