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Autmn and Winter 2018 fashion trends for women

Hi, everyone, how are you ? Autumn is here with the Back to School time, leaves falling from the trees, days getting shorter, sweaters coming back into shops as well as darker colors. And every new season means new trends.

I choose natural…

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I have been interested for some months now in natural and bio-certified cosmetics. More than probably because it is trendy, I have to admit it, but I have discovered some interesting things and I

The Luminous Blush Range from Becca Cosmetics

Hi, how are you ? I haven’t talked about contouring for a while and i want to change that ! I have seen lots of becca products on Youtube and that made me want to describe a range of blushes

The Magnif’Eyes Colour Edition eyeshadow palette by Rimmel

Hi, everyone, how are you ? Today, I would like to present you a very compact eyeshadow palette which is perfect t take with you on holiday. The Magnif’Eyes eyeshadow palette in Colour Edition (there is also a Blush Edition

The Sun, myself and I…

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I want to write a little post about my mood, today. Currently, in my hometown, the weather is hot, hot, hot ! I got badly sunburned and it hurts a lot but it does

Did you just say “earrings ” ?

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I wanted to write about a little objet that can make an outfit and a face look prettier (worth for men and women) so I decided to write about earrings. Made of metal, plastic,

My skincare routine (2018)

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I have already written this kind of post several times but things have changed since my las skincare routine. So i decided to give you some new details. I promise I am not sponsored

By Terry’s Eye Designer Palette

Hi, everyone, how are you ? The brand By Terry is born in 1998, created by Terry de Gunzburg. The products sold by this brand are seen as “luxury” products. I heard of them thanks to several youtubers and I

The Colour Intense lipsticks by Lavera

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I know that more and more people are interested in organic and natural products, surely better than chemicals. Lavera is a brand born in Hanover in 1987 that only sells organic and affordable products.

I’m doing it for myself…

Hi, everyone, how are you ? Little “mood” post, today… Summer is coming and so are the “ready for summer/bikini body” challenges. Many of us want to feel pretty, get fitter and tanned for these sunny days and, unfortunately, some