Hello, my name is Pauline.

I am currently 28 years old and I live in Belgium. I like cooking, sports in general and personal development. I am visually impaired but that did not stop me from being attracted to whatever concerns make up, nail art or skin care. But my major problem is that I am colorblind. I always have to ask my mum for help to put labels on my eye shadows, to buy my lipsticks or my nail polishes and so on. And if I want to order them on the Internet, it is also very difficult ! “Why ?” would you say ?

Because our favorite brands are using pretty packages with seducing names to qualify the colors but what can be “Unbelievable ?” or “I will always love you” for a color ?

I love to follow French or English-speaking Youtubers or bloggers but they do not describe the colors or designs of the products in detail for blind or visually impaired people. That is why I decided to open this Website to make lists of as many eye shadows, lipsticks and nail polish as possible with details on the color and the way to use them. I want to help people who are blind but also people like me who can see but have problems to recognize colors. I am also thinking about blind or visually people or just colorblind men who want to find a present for someone close to them and do not want to ask for help. I will ask help for you, ONCE AND FOR ALL. I will try to make this website as easy to use as possible, I promise, so that you can find the article you want in the corresponding section.

Maybe, if you want so, that I will make videos on youtube or podcasts with tips for those who prefer to hear a human voice rather than reading with (or without) a vocal assistant like Jaws or VoiceOver.

There it is, I think I have said all I wanted to say ! For those who can see it, let me introduce myself with a picture, because a smile is always comforting !

And if you want, for any question, do not hesitate to write me a mail at that adress : info@decrivez-moi.be