I tested some Boho Green Cosmetics products

Hi, everyone, how are you ?

I already talked a bit about natural/organic makeup and beauty products on the blog in this post  and some people advised me to try some products (I will, i promise !) and not to be too skeptical about them because organic is as good as “non natural” makeup. I started to look for products I could test and I found a nail polish and an eye pencil made by Boho Green Cosmetics, a brand that I can easily buy in Belgium where I live. If you do not care about natural makeup, I promise I will still keep writing about non natural products but here is the path I personally want to take.

Why a nail polish? Because I love to paint my nails and why an eye pencil ? Because I had no left. I have to admit that I was interested in trying the mascara but the packaging was so small for the price that I thought “maybe next time”. I will test it when the one I currently use will be empty, I think. For the nail polish, I chose a brown/chocolate shade. My Mum was with me and we agreed that it was gorgeous and perfect for the season. I chose a black eye pencil because it is the color I always use.

Both of the products

I really do love the nail polish ! The packaging is nice for a visually impaired person because the cap is made of wood and because the size is a bit smaller than other nail polish bottles. The price is quite reasonable (6€ in Belgium). I got surprised by the smell which is completely different from what I know because of what the product contains (or does not contain). The color is very deep, I applied a very thin and a thicker layer and it was perfect. I kept the product on my nails for several days (nearly a week) and God knows how much I clean my hands (when taking the sower, after I use the toilets but also when doing the dishes because I use no gloves, when taking care of my cats’ toilet house and after every reiki session…). I really recommend it and i think i will buy some other shades next time I go to the shop.

I also like the eye pencil very much. It does not leave black traces under my eyes, it just disappears when time passes. My eyes are not crying when I apply it and i love the small size of the pencil. I have used it for some weeks by now and it gets smaller very slowly. It costs 6€ in Belgium as well.

I can conclude that this brand seems quite good to me and i would also like to try their lipsticks because I wear some lipstick quite often these days. What about you ? Do you know this brand ? Have you tried it yet ? Other brands to recommend for another post ? 

PS : This post has been sponsored by my cats, but that’s all 🙂

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