Autumn and winter 2018 fashon trends for men

Hi, everyone, how are you ?

As I promised, I made some research for men who want to be trendy during autumn and winter seasons.

Styles and shapes

There is something good for every taste this year but make things match very carefully or ask for some advice if your are hesitating

  • The “firewall” style ; jackets and coats may look like a fireman coat with those fluorescent strips.
  • Jackets with extra large shoulders : as trendy for men as for women but be careful if you are quite short and skinny.
  • Western : cow-boy shirts and jeans are perfect if you are a fan of that style
  • Suits with vertical stripes : that can be very smart if the colors stay classic and sober
  • Sparkling jackets : makes you a “glam night” look to go out
  • Clothing cut in a Chinese or Japanese style
  • Monclers and quilted coats
  • The “practical” style : pockets, zippers, and comfortable clothes

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Colors and prints

A lot of different prints ; always mix them with a basic (black, blue, grey…) piece of clothing to avoid the “too much” effect.

  • Tartan prints : all the sizes and all the colors you might dream of
  • cartoon characters ; often on sweaters
  • Tiger prints
  • Flowers, often very big
  • very traditional colors like black, khaki, maroon, beige… but also more “pop” colors like red, pink, orange or yellow

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  • Leather, mainly for coats
  • Sheepskin fur lined
  • Jean, always and forever


  • Caps, for both relax and smart looks
  • Balaclava, in all styles and colors
  • The mini bag you hang around your neck ; well, I remember using this kind of “bag” when I was younger and just needed my ID and some money to travel by plane with my parents or go somewhere with my class…

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 Well, this is it. I hope you found something you like and some harmony in all of this.

What do you think ? 

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