Autmn and Winter 2018 fashion trends for women

Hi, everyone, how are you ?

Autumn is here with the Back to School time, leaves falling from the trees, days getting shorter, sweaters coming back into shops as well as darker colors. And every new season means new trends. What about trends for women ? No worry, gentlemen, I will write a post for you as well !

Shapes and styles :

I have the feeling that fashion (as life) is a sort of cycle. I think that I am seeing things that were trendy when I was a kid, in the 1990’s.

  • Monclers and quilted coats. When I was younger, it was flower printed or available in very flashy colors. Now, they are more fashionable with metallic colors (silver, gold, bronze…)
  • Very big stitches and fringe sweaters : can you imagine a sweater that looks like a fishing net ? What about Charleston-style fringes ? Here we are !
  • Suits : either with trousers, shorts or skirts, suits that give you a very working girl look are trendy this year and I like that.
  • Matrix style : black leather or vinyle, very glossy
  • Jackets with square shoulders : that is a new trend but be careful if you are quite short and skinny. It might not suit you.

Metallic moncler

Picture Credit

Colors and prints

They are quite diversified and some classics are still trendy :

  • Flashy colors like pink, yellow, orange or red
  • Black or white dots
  • Galactic prints (stars, astronauts, galaxies…)
  • Classics like black, kaki or bordeaux
  • Turquoise
  • Leopard prints
  • Nude colors
  • Metallic colors

Galaxy printed dress

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I find them all very “classic” and I like that :

  • Jeans, even for a “total look” (trousers + jacket)
  • Fur (but prefer fake fur, please)
  • Leather
  • Flannel, often with tartan prints like in the 90’s.

Tartan printed flannel hooded jacket

Picture Credit


I have not found that much yet about jewels or bags, I’ll check about that and probably write a whole post about it. But I found something about shoes : Boots, thigh high boots and Mary Jane/doll shoes will be trendy this year.

I hope I will see interesting things in stores and shops because I think these trends are easy to follow in everyday looks. What about you ? Do you like them ?

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