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Hi, everyone, how are you ?

I have been interested for some months now in natural and bio-certified cosmetics. More than probably because it is trendy, I have to admit it, but I have discovered some interesting things and I really would love to share them with you.

I think I have prejudice, particularly about the smell of natural products ; I love shower gels, body milk and deodorants that have a very sweet and sugary smell and i was afraid not to find this kind of smells in natural ranges. There was no reason to be afraid ! I recently bought a Schmidt’s deodorant, which is famous thanks of lots of youtubers and bloggers who advertise it, which has “vanilla + rose” as a smell. It is gorgeous ! I love to open the stick again and again and smell it. It could eat it if I was not a grown and responsible adult. And it works really well on me. I just put it before drying my hair, brushing my teeth etc. and then I get dressed to avoid letting marks on my clothes. I also love the smell of my ylang ylang floral water that I use to clean my face in the evening before applying some night cream (for now it is still a drugstore cream that I want to finish before choosing a more natural option).

The smell of my “moisturizing coconut nectar” hand soap and shampoo is much more discreet but my hands have never been so soft. With other soaps, my hands are quite irritated and I often have to apply a hand cream. And as two kitten have been living with me for nearly one month, I have to wash my hands more often than ever. The shampoo is also quite good. It is not as foaming as a drugstore shampoo but I do not care.

I also bought washable cotton pads to take off my makeup and/or clean my face, I try to use vegetal oils (coconut, etc.) to take off my makeup and I use some essential oils in everyday life as well. I bought some toothpaste but I have not tested it yet because I want to finish my old product before changing.

I finally read things about slow cosmetic, making my own products, and layering (but I was already using this technique before so I have not learned that much) and I think about buying some more natural makeup but I have not made my decision yet. Maybe another post about all of this very soon…

What about you ? What do you prefer ? 




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