The Luminous Blush Range from Becca Cosmetics

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I haven’t talked about contouring for a while and i want to change that ! I have seen lots of becca products on Youtube and that made me want to describe a range of blushes that I would qualify as “luxury”. Each blush is sold individually and costs 34,50€/34$/£27. They are available on the Internet, in Sephora and Ulta Beauty shops and maybe in other shops depending on the country you live in. Feel free to ask for help if you can’t find the products you want near your home. The packaging is very smart, a circle little box with BECCA written on it. For those of you who are interested to know, there is a mirror and 6 grams of product in each “box”. Here are the shades :

Blushes Copper : dark brown with orange and pink undertones (perfect for asian skintones)
Tigerlily : orangey peach with a golden shimmer (perfect for Summertime)
Dahlia : dark plum (perfect for darker skintones)
Snapdragon : pink coral (suits everyone)
Camellia : light pink with a silver shimmer
Foxglove :  light purple with a silver shimmer

What about the brand ? Becca Cosmetics is born in Australia and aims to underline each woman’s glow in all of its products. I am a bit sad because I haven’t found that much information about them on their website and on the Internet in general. I should dig a little deeper…

What do YOU think ? 

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