The Sun, myself and I…

Hi, everyone, how are you ? I want to write a little post about my mood, today.

Currently, in my hometown, the weather is hot, hot, hot ! I got badly sunburned and it hurts a lot but it does not prevent me from loving the sun and wanting to write about it. It is not obvious, because of what I just said and because of my photophobia (My eyes are hurt by the light given my visual impairment) but I love sunny days, holidays, light and heat.

I won’t lie to you, when I was younger, love was not in the air between the Sun and myself. I ran into different kind of things and fourniture because I couldn’t see, I visited Tunisia thanks to the pictures taken during each day by my father because I was too focused on not falling in the stairs of the monuments and various places we visited to admire the view. I got sunburned during a festival so bad that I caught blisters, …

But today, with a lot of cream on my skin and wearing a hat if I can, I like to spend some time on a terrace or in a garden. I love sunny days because they make people feel better, included myself. I love wearing colorful clothes during Summer, I love feeling the heat on my skin and the smell of monoï, vanilla and coconut. I like waking up when the sun is already up and staying outside late in the evening with some family or friends. I love barbecues and long walks.

Here are some things the Sun can bring to us all. If you feel lonely, please go outside and enjoy the sun. It can only be good for you. Don’t stay inside all day long and go out (except if you are a vampire without any ring or superpower to protect you), even if it is for only one hour. It can change the whole day.

What about you : is the Sun a friend or an enemy ? 

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