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I wanted to write about a little objet that can make an outfit and a face look prettier (worth for men and women) so I decided to write about earrings. Made of metal, plastic, wood, bone, little or bigger, with a circle or square or triangle shape… there are earrings for everyone, it just depends on your taste.

Different types of earrings
  • According to what I can see, the hoop earring is the best known and still very trendy. The hoop is a complete circle (or hexagon or square) which can be smaller or bigger, very simple or textured or even set with gemstones. it can be made of plastic, metal, wood, bone… there are hoops for everyone ! There are also earrings that can be qualified as “half hoops” because the ring is not complete.
  • Stud earrings are often very small earrings with a push back (also called butterfly back). Stud earrings are often used for newly-pierced ears or when you want your earrings to stay discreet.
  • Leverback earrings have a curved back which can be more comfortable if you want to sleep with your earrings or use headphones. Leverback are quite short but bigger than studs.
  • Drop earrings are often attached to your earlobes by a fish hook back or a push back and then the jewel is hanging towards your neck and shoulders. There are different kinds of drop earring like dangles or chandeliers.
  • If your earlobes are not pierced, you can use clip earrings. They are generally short but quite big.
different types of earrings

Different types of earrings

Trends of the year

In 2018, either very big earrings are really trendy or ear cuffs that you can wear without having your ears pierced. If your ear has the right size, you just have to find the right place for this kind of jewel. No clip, no piercing needed. I really like the idea !

earrings ear cuffs

Ear cuff

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How to choose your earrings ?

If you have a long neck and quite thin face, you can wear longer earrings if you like that. With a shorter neck and a more round face, prefer short and thicker earrings. Studs and leverback are quite made for everyone. If you want some hoops, just try them on and ask for an opinion.

My own collection

Personally, I have two holes in each earlobe. I like to have a drop earring or a hoop in each lower hole and a stud in the higher hole. I tend to put studs in my lower holes as well when I do sport or just go for some grocery shopping. I like to wear earrings because I have very short hair and I think that it looks prettier like that. I have all kinds of earrings made of silver or golden steel, made of wood or bone. I have black, blue, red earrings… I never go out without wearing earrings (except in an emergency situation). I might have around 45 pairs at home and I won’t stop there !

earrings my own ear

My own ear

Do YOU love earrings as much as I do ? 

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