My skincare routine (2018)

Hi, everyone, how are you ?

I have already written this kind of post several times but things have changed since my las skincare routine. So i decided to give you some new details. I promise I am not sponsored by anyone. I buy all my products by myself and I just want to give you some inspiration. let’s go…

My face routine

Every morning and every night, I clean my face and apply some cream. To clean my face, I use a purifying facial gel (with camomille) made by Kueshi. I got it some time ago in a beauty box and, honestly, i like it. The smell is good but discreet, the gel texture is a bit weird but as easy to use as a foam.

In the morning, I like to apply either the Urban Skin Defense cream by Nivea Essentials or the Tinted Moisturizing Day Cream by Nivea as well. The Urban Skin Defense cream has a gel texture which penetrates the skin  very fast has a SPF 20 to protect you from the sun. I use it either if I do not go anywhere or if I want to make a full makeup on my face. I apply the tinted day cream when I just want something unifying my skin tone, just apply some lipstick and mascara and go out to do my shopping, for example. It has a SPF 15, a good texture and smells like all original Nivea products.

In the night, I stick with Nivea. I like to alternate a regenerating night cream with a anti-wrinkle cream from the Pure & Natural range. Both creams are quite thick but it seems normal for a night care which has plenty of time to penetrate the skin. I have been alternating creams for a year because I am more than 25 years old and my skin needs to be prepared for “aging”…

I like to scrub my face and apply a mask once or twice a week. To scrub my face, I am still a fan of Garnier’s PureActive Gel but I also discovered the Nourish and Soften Face scrub by L’Oréal. It contains coconut oil, cocoa butter and three extra thin sorts of sugar. It smells really good and my skin feels so soft after using it. It is also possible to use it to scrub the lips and I love this idea ! I also got the Purify and Unclog scrub for my birthday but I have not tested it yet. About masks : I use the Purify and Mattify clay face mask by L’oréal to purify my skin or I like to test new products to hydrate my skin. I tried a Hydrating Coconut Water Fibre Face Mask by a brand called Soko Ready. The mask is easy to apply, I liked the smell and my skin felt quite soft after it. It did the job.

care routine 2018 sugar scrub

L’oréal sugar scrub

My body routine

I like to alternate between three shower gels. The first one is an almond milk scented shower gel by le petit Marseillais, the second one is from a brand called Mildeen and smells like blueberry muffin and the last one is the Hydriting Midsommar Glow shower gel by Barnängen.

I like to scrub my body with a brush or Yves Rocher’s body scrub. I really like the smell of it and how soft my skin is after using it.

I like to apply the body oil in lotion with macadamia oil and cacao scent by Nivea or a nourishing body milk by the brand Palmolive. It smells like violet… mmmmh ! Both have a really sweet and comforting smell.


care routine 2018 body milks

My two body milks

Some other tips

I like to hydrate my lips with a simple Labello stick lip balm. For my hands, I currently use a shea hand cream made by Institut Karité Paris and for my feet, i simply use the original Nivea (in the blue box) cream.

That’s all for this time !

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