The Colour Intense lipsticks by Lavera

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I know that more and more people are interested in organic and natural products, surely better than chemicals. Lavera is a brand born in Hanover in 1987 that only sells organic and affordable products. Skincare products, soaps, deodorants, but also makeup, such as the lipstick range I want to write about in this post. There are creamy and matte shades in this collection made for everyone. I found the names of the shades quite clear for english speaking people so here they are :

Creamy Range :

04 Deep Red
09 Maroon Kiss
14 Wild Cherry
16 Pink Fuschia
19 Frosty Pink
20 Exotic grapefruit
21 Caramel Glam
22 Coral Flash
24 Red Secret
29 Casual Nude
30 Tender Taupe
31 Modern Camel
32 Pink Orchid
33 Purple Star
34 Timeless Red
35 Dainty Rose
36 Beloved Pink

Matte range

25 Matt’n Pink
26 Matt’n Peach
27 Matt’n Red
28 Matt’n Plum

If you have any kind of trouble with the shades, just say so. The packaging looks like any ordinary lipstick packaging. The price is very affordable (around 20$ / £13) and you can find these products on many websites (for example this one for the US and this one for the UK). If you need any help to find one of these, just say so.

Want to try one ? Already knew the brand ? Just tell me ! 

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