I’m doing it for myself…

Hi, everyone, how are you ? Little “mood” post, today…

Summer is coming and so are the “ready for summer/bikini body” challenges. Many of us want to feel pretty, get fitter and tanned for these sunny days and, unfortunately, some of us are ready to destroy themselves by eating less, work out harder, get artificially tanned or even having surgery. I AM NOT AGAINST sport, fake tan or surgery, let me be clear. They can be medically useful and help people feel better. I am against people who do it for society, social networking, to get famous and to please other’s opinion.

I am convinced that everything we want to do, no matter if it is for professional, emotional or physical purpose, we should want to do it four ourselves. Do it to feel proud of you, to please you, to love you more. To be happier. It is only by loving you unconditionally, by being happy with yourself, smiling, shining, that you will be able to communicate your positive energy to others and change everyone’s life (yours and theirs).

Sometimes, I still hate myself on photographs, I still judge myself but it becomes rare. Let’s just try to accept compliment while staying humble but accept critics as well for our own choices. If you want to shave your hair, wear a mini mini skirt, shoes without laces or spikes instead of earring, do it ! If it makes you feel happy and good and pretty, why not ? Your choices only belong to you and no one should disrespect you for that.

Do not let anyone judge you and ruin your day, especially social networks, magasines, your colleagues or classmates. Stay yourself, follow your principles. Do not let anyone try to change you without a good reason. 

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