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I wanted to write about some hairs that can change all your face, all the way you look. Yes, a mustache does that, making a grown man look like a teenage boy when it’s shaved. But let’s focus on eyebrows. These two zones of hairs just above your eyes can, when you sculpt them, change your look entirely.

It seems that people already plucked their brows during Antiquity, using bat blood or tweezers. They have been invented very early and were made of copper or bronze. Did you imagine that ? I read an interesting article in French about hairs and tweezing and people have been fighting against hairs for thousands of years.

Tweezers from Antiquity

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If using tweezers is a really accessible and affordable technique for everyone, we now know methods like “shaving” with was, threading, or laser hair removal (but only for the zone situated between your eyes). You can use tweezers by yourself but all the others methods are for professionals only. Personally, I really do not like to have my eyebrows plucked because my skin is very sensitive then… it hurts a lot. So I go see a professional beautician and she starts by using some wax to take a maximum of hairs off and then she uses tweezers for more a precise plucking. Do not forget that your eyebrows have to be defined to match with the shape of your face. Nobody wants to look surprised or angry all the time because of a bad eyebrow shape. If you cannot see yourself and go see a pro, do not hesitate to ask if you can touch your eyebrows or go with a person you trust. it is impossible to hide a failed plucking…

Pascal Obispo (a French singer) had a big hole in his left eyebrow. It suits him very well but is it not the case for everyone !

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 Hopefully, if you have sparse eyebrows, if the color is too light compared to your hair or if you just want to get a more intense look, makeup can help you. Pencils, mascaras, powders, styling wax… there are a lot of brands selling these kind of products. No matter the content of your wallet, just be careful to use something natural that matches the color of your hair and for those of you who can see themselves in a mirror, everything is possible by drawing little “stripes” on your eyebrows, covering a hole or making them look thicker. Just follow the shape of your eyebrows. You can also go see a professional for a dyeing or a tattoo but if it fails, it stays a lot longer than simple makeup… Maybe just be happy with a good plucking for a shape that suits you rather than too many details.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have a story to tell us or to express your feelings : are you afraid of failing something with your eyebrows ? Do you want something special ? We would be happy to read all of that ! 

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