Men Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2018

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After my post on trends for women, here is my post about trends for men. I can tell you that elegance is not, according to me, a key word for this season. But be comfortable with that. If you are addicted to smart and strict looks, this post is not made for you. But you can stay if you are open and a bit curious anyway…

Shapes and pieces
  • The hawaiian shirt
  • XXL trousers : your legs will breathe this summer. Baggy jeans and fluid trousers are back.
  • XXL jackets : please, do not try to make it match with an XXL pair of trousers, you could drown in your clothes. Get tighter trousers and t shirts if you want to wear this kind of jacket.
  • Short shorts : I recommend these for men with very long legs.
  • The jumpsuit : Want to look like a mechanic or a pilot ? It will possible this year but it is more appropriated if you are tall.

Men Fashion trends : the Hawaiian shirt

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Colors and prints
  • Big logos
  • Stripes
  • Tropical and hawaiian prints : flowers, palm trees, parrots…
  • Sober and neutral colors : khaki, beige, grey, maroon…
  • Matched to more intense colors like orange, purple, blue
  • But do not forget black and white

Men fashion trends : the striped t-shirt

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Fluid and comfortable fabrics like viscose, cotton, or linen, silk or polyester. A lot of textured little sweaters and, of course, jean is timeless.

  • Futuristic sunglasses. I do not like them because I think that they do not suit to anyone but dare, if you like it ! Follow your own opinion.
  • The bob hat… Welcome back to the nineties !
  • The Fanny bag. As for women, feel free to choose the one you prefer !
  • Shoes : leather sandals, sneakers, derbies… for once, they are simple and classic !

Men Fashion trends : the bob hat

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That’s all ! I hope that you will find what makes you happy the next time you go shopping. Des gentlemen, I would like to have your opinion : are you attracted by fashion or not ? Do you like these trends ? Tell me everything ! 

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  1. Mani says:

    I love the floral shirt wearied by the model in the post. Thanks for sharing the post very informative and trendy post regarding summer styles.

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