Women Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2018

Hi, everyone, how are you ?

Here we are ! The clocks are in “summer time” mode, we can sometimes see or feel the sun shining and ABOVE ALL, we are fed up with wearing sweats, thick coats and dark colors. Let Spring and, very soon, Summer come to us. But what is trendy this year ? For you, I decided to make some research. I do not like everything that comes out in the shops, I have my own style and I am not often trendy but i like to follow the Fashion World’s news and write about it. So I navigated on a few websites and watched videos and here is what I found :

  • This year, red and pink are trendy. Either with, for example a skirt and a pink top, or you will find red and pink dresses in the shops or red and pink jackets. We will also have soft pastel colors, more flashy colors like yellow and metallic colors like gold and silver.
  • If you are a printed fabric fan, dots and vertical stripes are very trendy. Flower printed fabrics are also timeless.

Dress made of a flower-printed fabric

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Shapes and pieces
  • The midi skirt is back. Pleated, asymmetric or classic, it matches with everything : sweats, shirts, t shirts…
  • The XXL jeans are back and so are the fluid trousers and dungarees
  • Shorts and jumpsuits are still trendy
  • Asymmetric is timeless : one-shoulder tops, skirts, and shirts will be found everywhere
  • Sportswear is back as well : jogging suits, sweatshirts, will you dare the total look or combine one piece of clothing with something more elegant ?
  • What about jackets ? K-ways, trench coats and parkas will be there, in the colors mentionned right above

fluid jumpsuit made of a vertical-stripes printed fabric

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I saw a lot of very light fabrics : veil, lace, embroidery, silk, satin… Everything will be fluid and this is a good thing because it matches with most of body shapes. Of course, jeans and leather skirts will still be trendy as well.


  • On your head : headbands, wide-brimmed hats, big hair clips or plastic zig zag headbands.
  • On your neck : scarves with big letters, the little neckerchief is back
  • On your feet : thick sneakers or mule, you will see those two shapes of shoes in every shop. But you still can choose to wear sandals or ballerina shoes.
  • What about the bag ? The basket bag is very trendy this year as well as the Fanny bag, which is less elegant but leaves your hands free. Which one do you prefer ?

Round basket bag

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Is there anything that you are interested in ? Or that is impossible for you to wear ? I am waiting for your answers ! And if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask them. 

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