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I decided to write a post that has been asked to me so many times : How do I apply nail polish on my nails ? I will answer to this question speaking only about my own way of proceeding. But there must probably be other tricks and helps that I do not use and that I would be pleased to test and review for you.

The base coat

Applying a base coat is really important because it prevents your nails from being tinted by the color you want to apply. Nobody wants to have their nails tinted by red, blue or black. There are different kinds of base products. Some are completely clear, others are more pinkish. Some are there to harden your nails others to avoid yellow spots (because of smoking, for example) and some products are base and top coat at the same time. Feel free to choose whatever you like or whatever you need. There are different brands at different prices. I apply one base coat before applying any nail polish, without caring if I put some on my skin or not. The base coat dries very quickly (two or three minutes only). Those of you who want to start taking care of their nails can start with only a base coat or with transparent nail polish, just to feel the product or train their hands. This coat is alsmost invisible on the skin and makes your nails shine a little bit.

The nail polish

Choose whatever you like : classic, matte, shimmery, transparent, with a leather, gel or sugar effect, in a huge range of colors… Personally, during winter, I prefer black, red (bordeaux), aubergine or metallic colors because it matches with my clothes. In summer, I have a blue jean nail polish, a shimmery pale pink, a shimmery or pearly white and still my metallic colors. I apply two coats without caring if I overstep a little bit on my skin. But the more I do it, the cleaner it is.

The Top Coat

There are transparents, tinted or sparkling top coats. There are also top coats the make your classic nail polish become matte and also top coats that prevent your nail polish from flaking. It is an important coat that makes your nail art/manicure last longer and helps stickers nail jewels… to stay in place. Be careful with sparkled top coats or top coats with little flakes of colors because they are very difficult to remove. You would be forced to use wraps to remove your nail polish or dive your nail into remover for a long time.

Nail polish drying and correcting “mistakes”

After ten minutes, your nail polish can look dry but your nails are still sticky, so it is not. It is better to wait for half an hour before doing something with your hands, or just wash them. Wait minimum for an hour before going to bed if you are applying your nail art in the evening because the pillow or sheets can leave traces (tested and disapproved !) and at least two hours before using masking take for a nail art (you may not be able to do it by yourself but if a friend wants to try something on you, it is good to know). If I do not have to go out before the next day (so after my shower), I do not try to correct my mistakes (nail polish on the skin around my nails) at all because they go away by themselves with warm water. If I need to go out a few hours later, I use a correcting pen (that you can find in drugstores) or a bit of remover on a cotton swab. You can touch it, feel it. Act slowly and everything should be fine.

Protecting the nails

There are methods, apart from being a professional, that help to apply your nail polish in a clean way. There are little pieces of plastic that you place at your fingertips to protect your skin and that you remove a bit later. I tried one brand and was a bit disappointed because all the plastic pieces were too big for me but I should try other brands and write you a review. There are are also bottles of liquid latex that you apply around your nails before doing your manucure and that you remove a bit later as well when it is dry. But you have to be able to use that kind of product by yourself.

Said shortly :

You need to train yourself and do not hesitate to ask for help when needed. I am persuaded that every woman can find her method even without saying but you have to be patient and determined. For a special event (like a wedding, your birthday…) maybe go to a professional that will apply a nail polish for a very good price.

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