Beyond Seeing Exhibition in Paris : Day 2

Hi, everyone. How are you ?

You can find the first part of my stay in Paris right here, if you want. I f I have to sum up the morning of the 19th January, I would just say “breakfast” (in the hostel ; cereals, bread, cheese, an apple, apple juice and some coffee), “work in my room” and “sushi for lunch” (at the Paradis du Sushi). Then we went back to the exhibition to listen to Verena Kuen, talking about her work. She designed travel clothes for visually impaired people.

Katharina Scriba on the left and Verena Kuen on the right

Verena thought that visually impaired people needed comfortable and useful clothes but also pleasant to look at. To select the colors, she got inspired by a stay in Crete and chose white and blue. To select the fabrics, she asked visually impaired people to answer to a little survey after touching samples. She created different textures, different ways of closing the clothes and bags of her collection. She designed bags that are worn on the front of the body rather than on the back. The result looks good and coherent.

I also got interested in clothes designed by some students of a Swedish fashion school. They assumed that clothes could also be identified thanks to their texture or sound instead of their shape and color. They designed, for example, a t-shirt with little bells on it and a jacket half full of shirring. I could easily buy and wear some of these clothes.

The jacket half full of shirring. I honestly liked it !

I finally took part in a blindfolded dance activity with Fabienne, a visually impaired danse teacher full of dynamism and good mood. We took off our shoes for more sensations and started with a little warm up, eyes open, then blindfolded. Then, she asked each of us to show a movement to the others and we created our own little choreography with all the movements. We trained a little bit with our eyes open and then we danced, blindfolded, on the rhythm of the music. That was amazing ! When you know that people around you can not see you and that you are totally free, you just forget all kind of complexes or shame you might have.

Our very dynamic Fabienne

After that, I ate a pizza, slept like a baby and come back to Belgium the next day. Many Thanks to the Goethe Institut in Paris, especially to Timo and Katharina, for the travels (Berlin and Paris), for the people I met and for this amazing project. I hope that these posts pleased you.

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