The Crushed Lip Color collection by Bobbi Brown + a “half-thanks”.

Hi, everyone, how are you ?

I am currently reading a book written by Bobbi Brown, a makeup artist who founded her brand in 1991. Her aim is to promote each woman’s beauty. I really like her book ; big font, nice pictures and some good advice. That is why I decided to write a post about a Bobbi Brown product.

As usual, I try to think about everyone’s taste and everyone’s wallet. The lipsticks I want to present you in this post cost 27,50 € / 29$ / 24£. These sticks are sold in a smart packaging with just “Bobbi Brown” written on it. So, if you are visually impaired, be sure not to mix them with your other lipsticks or put something on it to make the difference. There are 20 shades ad I find all of them very pretty :

Angel : a light coral pink
Grenadine : deep magenta
Bare : a soft pinky beige
Cranberry : medium warm berry
Cherry : rich red berry
Ruby : mid-tone ruby red
Blackberry : deep chocolate berry
Baby : soft milky pink
Crush : bright pop of pink
Cali rose : medium mauve pink
Sunset : bright orange pop
Cabana : rich coral
Telluride : deeper mauve
Lilac : soft pink lavender
Bitten : medium warm pink
Regal : bright blue red
Watermelon : bright pink coral
Punch : bright magenta pop
Babe : medium blue pink
Plum : soft berry

I had no problem to find the description of each product because they are written on the official website (US or UK). I tested all the sites with VoiceOver and it is possible to surf on the different pages and to buy something by yourself. But (yes because I mentioned a “half thanks” so there is a “but”) when I want to select a shade in order to have it described, it is impossible to keep the website “focused” on the shade I chose. I you want to go from one key to another with Voiceover, it makes the shade change and you do not have the right description. Do you follow me ?

That’s unfortunate…

Back to our lipsticks : the lipsticks are said to be moisturizing and long-lasting( 8 hours). According to some bloggers who tested them, they are perfect for an everyday makeup but they disappear when you eat or drink something. On the other hand, they are comfortable and it is impossible not to find one shade you like. Maybe I will buy one of them, someday…

What about you ? 

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