Did you say “New Year’s resolutions” ?

Hi, everyone, how are you ?

I hope that the Holidays went very well for you, that you got everything you wanted and, no matter if 2017 was a good or a bad year, that you are ready to turn a new page and begin 2018 as positively as possible.

When we say “new Year”, we often think about “New year”s resolutions” :

  • To loose some weight ?
  • To do sport ?
  • To stop eating/drinking alcohol, fizzy drinks, chocolate or pizza’s ?
  • To find your soulmate ?
  • To find a job ?
  • To sort your clothes ?
  • To stop procrastinating or overthinking ?
  • To travel more ?

These lists can sometimes be very long and too challenging. Some people want to change too much things at the 1st of January and they can only do it for some weeks or even some days. Personally, I have resolutions but they are made of things that I settled at some point last year, or before, and that I want to go deeper into. I would like to keep training and doing exercise (I started in March 2016), to be more interested in intellectual and spiritual matters (I do not remember when I started), to keep writing on and taking care of this blog (i started nearly two years ago, in January 2016), and some other things that i will keep for myself. I like to improve myself and evolve little by little during the year.

What about this idea of starting something on a Monday, on the first day of a month or of the year ? I try to act differently. I do not mind to start something on a Saturday, for example. If you want to do something, do not wait until Monday or until next month to start it because you could simply loose your motivation. When you want to try something, when you have a project in mind, do not wait to act, unless if you are really sick, of course. What are you afraid of ?

In brief : go slowly, try to have reachable goals, improve yourself during the entire year. If you want to, do not hesitate to write a list of these goals and see, at the end of the week or the year, if you managed to reach some of them. And tell me about it !

So… what are your resolutions for the year 2018 ? 

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