Some advice for the Holidays…

Hi, everyone, how are you ?

Christmas and New Year’s Eve re coming very quickly, and I bet that you already have plans, haven’t you ? No matter if you invite people at your house, go out with family or friends or only stay with the one you love, everyone wants to feel pretty, elegant and confident, especially if you take pictures for cards, calendars or whatever. Here are some pieces of advice for men and women who would like to take care of their look this year :


Makeup trends for Winter 2017…

On your lips, black and red will always be the best colors. It is elegant, “wintry”, smart. But this year, you can also bet on navy blue or dark blue. They are very difficult colors to apply when you are visually impaired but it is not impossible. Be careful with black and blue, which do not fit with all skintones. You do not want to look like a dead, do you ?

On your eyes, you can mix a black eyeshadow with some pop colors. Pink, green, silver, gold, sparkling or metallic colors… do not hesitate to dare ! But it is not carnaval. Use these colors gently in a smoky eyes makeup. Personally, I am a huge fan of bronze or sparkling brown or pink.

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What can I wear ? What kind of color or fabric ?

Velvet, flounces and sequins are always fashionable. Leather too. And why not some lace ? Whatever you choose, prefer noble and sophisticated fabrics. What about colors ? A lot of red and gold can be seen in shops this year. But, of course, black is still pretty and elegant.

  • Hourglass body shape : do not hesitate to define your waist with a belt, for example.
  • Triangle body shape : flared skirts are the best
  • Cornet Body shape (inverted triangle) : one shoulder tops are the best for you !
  • Strait body shape : something fluid, that does not stick to you
  • If you have a little breast, do not hesitate to choose something revealing (low-necked). In the front or in the back, as you want.
What about shoes ? …

Boots, pump shoes, sandals, whatever you like if it fits with your clothes. Stay elegant but wear shoes that you can keep all night long.

And coat ? And accessories ?

This year, it seems that long and big coats are trendy. But if you are quite small, it could not fit you at all. Try to prefer shorter coats. What about jewels ?

  • Silver jewels for pale skintones and blue, green or hazel eyes. Worths for very light or dark hair. Also for dark skin.
  • Golden jewels for medium and tanned skins
  • Bigger jewels if you have a “round” and taller body shape, smaller if your are skinnier.
  • Length of earrings : longer for thin and long necks, shorter for small necks

Dare what you never dared before !

For once, you can apply more makeup on your eyes AND on your lips. If you want your makeup to match with…

  • Red clothing : red matte lipstick, orangey matte lipstick (for blondes), bordeaux or blue (for brunettes), black, beige or brown on the eyelids. No flashy colors.
  • Black clothing : nude lipstick, gloss if you want, OR golden or coppery eyeshadows and darker colors on the lips.

What about Men ?

What kind of colors and clothes should I wear ?

Rust color, maroon, anthracite grey and black are always trendy. Jeans, velvet and flannel should be perfect fabrics.

What should you wear ? Maybe a shirt, with or without a pullover above it or a jacket that you can remove. For the shirt, white color is perfect but you can also choose bordeaux or black. Prefer it a bit adjusted but not too much, otherwise you won’t be able to eat as much as you want ! Prefer long sleeves, they must cover your wrists. You can wear the pair of trousers that you like except if you are going to the opera or to the restaurant. Maybe you should pick a nice suit. If you want to wear a pullover, prefer a rolled neck or shawl neck.

I hope this has been useful to you ! 
What are your plans for the Holidays ? 

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