Gems on your nails thanks to Dior ?

Hi, how are you ?

Today, a very small post presenting a very small collection of nail polishes made by a (very) prestigious brand. As I always say, I want to think about everyone, whatever their budget or taste, and one only bottle of these nail polishes costs around 26€ / 23£ / 30$. But who would not want to have gems on their fingertips ? The new Dior Diorific Christmas Collection for this year is made of four nail polishes that are really intense and as beautiful as jewels :

Ruby : shimmery light pink
Grenat : intense red
Emerald : turquoise green
Amethyst : purple

The bottles are gorgeous, like Christmas decoration balls. It could be a very nice present for yourself or somebody else. But careful : some people say that it last very long on the nails and some others say the opposite. I do not know but I would like to !

You can find them on the internet or in Luxury shops, I think. If you need help to find one close to you, just say so.

Already tried ? Want to ? 

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