Winter is coming… Want to buy a new coat ?

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Fall is here, winter is coming tomorrow and the weather is getting colder. At least in the morning and the evening, everyone puts on a sweater or a coat. I love coats ! There are a lot of shapes, of fabrics, of colors. Longer for tall people, shorter for shorter people (obvious !), with or without hood, shorter sleeves or with integrated scarf, everyone can find THE perfect coat !

Today, let’s explore the different types of coats that we can find in stores, that so you can determine what suits you the most.

The reefer jacket

I think it is the most common type of coat. It is generally a double breasted short cut coat made of wool. It has one pocket on each side. Currently, it is easy to find longer reefers wich is less traditional but suits to taller people, women and men. There are reefers with a hood or made of a printed fabric. Choose the one you love depending on your style and your goal.

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The trench Coat

The trench coat, also simply called “raincoat” is a usually long, belted and double breasted coat. The are really trendy these days and trench coats for women are available in more and more shapes and colors. It is perfect for an elegant look, for formal working days or important nights. Do not wear it if you just want to go to the supermarket, wearing a sweater, a pair of jeans and sneakers. Just forget it if you are quite small, the original trench coat does not fit you. Prefer a sober one that you can make match with a colored scarf, for example.

The mantle

The mantle is a womanly coat without sleeves. Sometimes, there are “holes” through which your arms can go but it is not necessarily the case. With or without hood, with or without buttons, choose the one you want. Depending on the fabric the the details you choose, it can fit to any kind of look and outfits. Remember, however, that it is not really convenient if you like to wear you bag on your shoulder(s).

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The Parka

The parka is usually made of a waterproof fabric, it has a hood and a lace/rope around the waist to make it tighter (or not…). You can now find longer or shorter parkas that can fit to everyone, women and men, no matter if you are short or taller. I do not really like parkas for a formal look but it seems to be possible if you choose a very sober one.

The duffle coat

I am a huge fan of that type of coat ! Perfect either for men or women. This coat is made of wool, with a large hood, shoulders yokes, huge pockets and these wooden buttons I love. You can choose the color and style you like, if you want fur on the hood or not. Prefer this coat for a casual outfit.

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The overcoat

This one is for men only. The overcoat is know to be very elegant and formal, worn above a suit or other clothes. Is is generally long-cut with the same collar as the vest of your suit, it is closed with buttons and usually has pockets. It you are shorter, just forget it. If you want to buy one, prefer a black, grey or blue one, depending on the color of your suit.

What about fabrics ? I mentioned wool but there is also cashmere (if you can afford it), tweed, cotton or artificial fabrics. Only you know what you want and what you can pay for.

Wich one do you prefer ? 

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