The 24Karat NUDES Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline

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I realize that the last time i wrote about a Maybelline eyeshadow palette was one and a half year ago… I tried it and loved it, I also loved and used the Blushes NUDES palette, which was more pink and more related to spring but it fell and it is broken. I come back today with the latest palette of the brand : The 24Karat NUDES palette, as the title of the post says. The packaging is exactly the same as the other palettes : a rectangular little plastic box with no mirror in it. There are two rows of six eyeshadows and a double-ended brush. Here are the shades :

First (Upper) line :

Very pale pink – Maroon – White – White with beige undertones – Beige –  Ochre

Second (bottom) line :

“Dirty” white , dark mauve, Green (khaki), Black, Light brown ,Anthracite.

As usual, it seems that the shadows are a bit powdery and tend to leave traces under the eyes so be careful and try to apply makeup on your eyes before applying makeup on your face so that you do not ruin twenty minutes (or maybe more ?!) of work. They are, however, well pigmented and last quite a long time on the lid. As usual, this palette is affordable (17€ / £11,99 / $11,99).

You can find them everywhere on the Internet (Amazon, Boots, Superdrug, Offical Maybelline Webshop) and also in drugstores and Maybelline stores. If you need any help, just say so.

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