Skincare routine Summer 2017

Hi, how are you ?

As my last skincare routine post has been written on January, I think it is time for an update. Some products are new, others are not. But what’s for sure is that I use them quite daily and that I will always love things that smell good.

My face, daily…

My daily morning routine does not change, I am still using the same cleanser by Nivea and the hydra Matifying+ cream by Garnier.

However, I decided to change my night routine. I switch every evening between two creams because I am 27 and it is time to start preventing wrinkles from coming. On one side, I use the Hydra Repair night cream by Diadermine which hydrates my skin and smells very good (such a fresh and soft smell !) and on the other side, I use a cream from the Revitalift range by L’Oreal Paris. It is supposed to be a day cream but I misread the label when I bought it (Yes, I confess) and, eventually, I love it like that. The cream is quickly absorbed, not too thick and I like the combination between the two creams.

My body, daily…

After sport, I like two firming body oils that we can find in every drugstore. There is, first, the Firming body Oil by Nivea, which has that typical soft smell. And Then, there is the ultimate Anti-cellulite oil by Garnier. It has a nice smell of mandarin orange. I think they do their job correctly. When I need to be hydrated, I like to try different oils and milks for textures and smells. I am currently using the Beautifying and Hydrating milk by Le Petit Marseillais, which contains apricot oil, white lily and mother of pearls. The pump is perfect to avoid putting product everywhere.

My face, once a week…

I tested some new products too…  I now scrub my face with the Pure Active Fruit Energy Gel Scrub by Garnier (I swear I am not sponsored by the brand for this post) and I like the texture and smell of it. My face feels very clean afterwards (and God knows I have an oily face during summer). This product is designed for oily skin with spots and other problems. I then have to choose between hydrating or purifying my skin. If I want to be hydrated, I know use the hydrating Cream Mask for all skin types by Caudalie. If I need a deeper cleaning and purifying, i use the Coco Clear mask by HelloBody. Everyone speaks about it and I wanted to try it (it is a present, actually). I think it works very well for me and the coconut smell is divine.

I still scrub my lips once a week with the bubble-gum flavored scrub made by Lush.

My body, once a week…

Nothing new. I still use the apricot powder botanical scrub by Yves Rocher. If you have something different to recommend, just say so !

What about you ? Something in common with me ?
Something that I should absolutely try ? 

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