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Hi, how are you ?

Self-development has now become a kind of “fashion” or “trend”. There are books and magasines about this topic in every library, videos and podcasts on Youtube, free and less-free programs and apps… Everything is set up to make you concentrate about ourselves, help us discover who we are, who we want to be, find our place in this world and feel self-confident. I admit I am kind of “week” because I read these books, I try to find who I am and I have found something that works for me : Meditating.

I do not practice from Monday to Sunday I have to admit, but when I need Meditation, it is there to comfort me, to be aware of the world that surrounds me and, above anything else, to fight my anxiety, to make me feel in peace, to kill this little bowl or evil butterfly that tortures my stomach.

No need to see to meditate correctly. It’s between you and yourself. You just need to sit on a chair or on the ground, decide if you want to close your eyes or not, and meditate as long (or fast) as you want. If you are a newbie, there are guided mediation sessions, just follow this kind and soft voice that suggest you to relax, to concentrate on each little muscle or nerve of your body, that invites you to breathe deeply and empty your mind. If your thoughts do not want to give you some reste, do not judge yourself. Let them go freely (and maybe flood you) for one minute or two and then go back to your concentration.

Sometimes, I feel like I have been sleeping or dreaming, but that is not the case. I always feel lighter and better after my meditation session, even if it lasted only two minutes. I have not settled a special time to meditate every day, I just do it when i feel I need it. I do it for myself, to make me “some good”, not to be disciplined or copy a neighbor.

Have you already tried ? Or do you feel that it is absolutely NOT for you ? 

Something to share with us ?

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