The Color Riche Matte lipsticks by L’Oreal Paris

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t is clearly not the first time that I write about L’Oreal Paris on this blog so, to avoid borrowing you, I won’t write three paragraphs on the brand and it’s story or where to find it (or create any debate about whether these products are cruelty free or not) but I can invite you to follow the links here and there to read my previous posts. One is about eyeshadows and the other about nail polishes. And today, I will describe lipsticks for you, as I said in the title. You can find them pretty everywhere and they are quite affordable (around 10… whatever your device !). Here are the shades :

101 Candy Stiletto : cool pink
103 Blush in a Rush : rosewood
241 Pink à Porter : light nude pink
344 Retro Red : orange-red
346 Scarlet Silhouette : flashy strawberry red
347 Haute Rouge : raspberry red
348 Brick vintage : brick brown-red
349 Paris Cherry : delicate red
430 Mon Jules : berry color
463 Plum Toxedo : plum with pink undertones
633 Moka Chic : nude beige
634 Greige Perfecto : brown grey
636 Mahogany Studs : nude brownish pink
900 Midnight in Paris : night blue

The packaging is quite classic. They are said to be hydrating even if they are real mattes. Personally, I would like to try Mon Jules or Midnight to Paris, that could really be nice with a few looks.

What about you ? Already tried ? Want to try one or some of them ? 

Color Riche lipsticks

Some L’Oreal Color Riche lipsticks

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