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Today, I would like to talk about culture and reading. I think that well-bien is also a matter of intellect, spirit and this can mean “reading”. I won’t write about a particular book today (it will come very soon) but I will talk about an app that allows us to listen to books in Daisy format on our phone (iPhone only) no matter if you are at home, on a plane, in a train or whatever.

Voice Dream logo

Voice Dream logo

It is now possible to buy or download (legally please) audio books in MP3 or Daisy format, frequently used by readers with a visual disability. Daisy books are often available on CD’s that are played on a special reading device. I am lucky and I have a free access to all the books of the Ligue Braille’s digital library (Ligue braille is a Belgian association for visually impaired and blind people) which allows me to download ten books per month. I needed an app or a software to read them on my computer or my phone. Some people are satisfied only with the MP3 files but Daisy format is more effective because you can mark your page before closing the app so that you do not forget where you were in your book the next time you want to open it.

I know that some sound recording devices have a Daisy reading function but I am not really interested in recording things and if I need to do so, I can use my phone. People advised me to try Voice Dream which costs $14,99 or 14£99 or 16, 99, a bit (or a lot) more affordable than a recording device. Let’s be clear, I do not judge people who are in love with music and sound and use this kind of device to catch and remember extraordinary things, huh!

And i really love this app ! I import my books using Dropbox (I promise, this post is not sponsored by any of these companies) and let’s go ! On the home page, I see which books I have download/imported and I start the reading. There is a bookmark button on which I always press before closing the app to be sure that I will resume my reading exactly where I stopped it the previous time. The app is perfect for VoiceOver or with it’s own voice but everyone can use it. We can read MP3, PDF’s or even epubs in many languages.

For more info, just click here.

Do you know this app ? Do you use it ? Something else you use to read your books ? 

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