A swimsuit for Summer without (too many) complexes ?

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Summer is coming ! Heat, sun, beach, holiday… well, people do take a break at any time of the year but mostly during summer. It’s THE time of the year when you are supposed to wear your most beautiful swimsuit but complexes are there, aren’t they ? We do not dare to wear a bikini or a printed fabric or rio cut panties while it is time to feel happy, and good, and forget stress and complexes. I made some research for you and let me give you some tips to find the perfect swimsuit depending on the shape of your body but also on the color of your skin.


If you are quite thin, no matter if you want it or not, you can wear quite anything you like, it is easy ! Satin, matte, transparent… whatever you like. If you have curves and do not like it, prefer matte and thicker fabrics.


If you want to wear a one-piece swimsuit, just go for it, it suits to everyone. They are different styles and a lot of choices, just pick up your favorite. If you prefer a bikini, take the top according to your breast : if you have a little breast, you can take triangles, low-necked top, strapless… If your boobs are a bit bigger, prefer a real underwire bra to avoid pain in your back but also because it is prettier.

triangle swimsuit

triangle bikini top

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If you are really skinny, you can dare to wear a top with nodes, ribbons, flounce… to give some volume to your breast and draw attention to it. Same for the panties if you do not have the hips or booty you want. On the contrary, if you have curvy hips and booty, prefer rio cut panty. Do not hide your curves under shorts that will catch the eye.

Gentlemen, you can wear shorts but remember that they are not allowed everywhere.


You can choose the color of your swimsuit depending on the shape of your body but also on your skin tone. If you are curvy, avoid printed fabrics because they can make you look even more curvy. For the skin tone, if you are quite pale, avoid flashy colors (especially yellow) that can make you look ill. Avoid beige that will certainly not contrast with your skin. If you are already tanned or if you are black-skinned, you can wear quite anything you like !

Be careful…

Be careful with these very pretty swimsuit that we meet quite often in shops or on the internet. They have laces everywhere or strips of fabric that can leave pale marks on your tanned skin. It is not pretty at all ! If you are spending a holiday in a hotel, for example, try to take different types of swimsuits with you to avoid marks on your belly, your shoulders or your neck.

This swimsuit is very pretty and looks like a normal bikini on the front but be careful with the laces at the back…

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