Deodorants and me…

Hi, how are you ?

I wanted to write you a short and fresh post to start this summer. As fresh as the deodorant I apply on my armpits every morning (and sometimes during the day as well) to smell more like a human being than an animal. I have difficulties to find the perfect deodorant : do I take a spray or a stick or a roll-on or a cream ? Let’s talk a bit about this product that everyone uses. We all have heard this sentence : “do you have some deodorant for me ?”


I currently use one spray deodorant from Dove (I promise, I am not paid to write this post) that finally seems to be the one for me. The smell is not too strong but it’s lasting during the day and the spray is not making me cry or cough for five minutes. I am quite happy because I have met just the opposite before : deodorants that smell really good when you apply them but five minutes later all seems to be gone or deodorants that make you suffocate every time you use them.


Normally, they are the most effective type of deodorant for people who sweat a lot, like me, unfortunately. Believe me, that drives me crazy. But I do not find stick deodorants better than others… or I have not try the right one yet. If you know something that I should try, please just say so in the comments. I think that sticks can be perfect for visually impaired people because the products dries very fast, do not ruin your clothes and you do not risk to put any spray in your face !


I met roll-on deodorants that did not dry very fast, which made me very angry. The product is maybe too fluid for me and I ruined some of my t shirts and dresses. It was impossible to put clothes on immediately. Currently, I tend to apply my deodorant and then brush my teeth before getting dressed (which also keeps you away from toothpaste stains on your clothes) so it is okay but I do not like to use that kind of products on the go, in the toilets during a hot day or night.

What about you ? What do you prefer ? A funny story to tell about deodorant ? 


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