Quick Dry Nail Polishes by Peggy Sage

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I am coming back to you with a very special collection of nail polishes : all the names of this collection are actually first names. And I am pretty glad that mine is in it ! These nail polishes are made by Peggy Sage, that I know thanks to the powder I use regularly to finish my makeup. Peggy Sage was at first an American brand that was sold to people during gatherings at home. No shops. It has changed a lot since then and we can find Peggy Sage products quite anywhere in Europe. I have not found a thing about it. The nail polishes I write about in this post are sold in little bottles of 5ml. They are perfect if you are a traveller !

Abigaël : light pink
Adriana : red
Alice : light mauve
Amélie : milk chocolate
Anaëlle : light grey
Audrey : dark pink
Carla : ochre yellow
Carole : white with shades of pink
Chloé : grey with shades of blues
Clara : ecru
Coline : apple green
Diane : turquoise
Domy : soft pink
Elena : Fuchsia
Emilie : Mauve
Emma : salmon
Estelle : blue with shades of purple
Eva : dark turquoise
Fanny : aubergine
Gaëtane : grey with shades of brown
Gladys : anthracite grey
Hortense : sky blue
Isabelle : old rose
Julie : candy pink
Justine : taupe
Laura : very light mauve
Léa : dark fuchsia
Linda : night blue
Manuela : light blue
Marianne : navy blue
Marine : electric blue
Mathilde : chocolate brown
Maureen : flashy yellow
Nolwenn : white
Pauline : royale blue
Perrine : dark blue with shades of grey
Rose : purple
Solène : plum

I think they are quite affordable (3,90€, £3,50, $4,47). You can find these products in a lot of European countries. If you need my help for an address just ask so. You can also find some products on Amazon (fr, UK, com…)

Did you find your name in the list ? Have you tried one of them ? 

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