Which mask should I apply on my face ?

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Imagine that you are relaxed, in your bathroom or your living room. Good music in your ears, maybe a refreshing or a cold drink next to you, and a mask on your face… Quite nice, huh ? Let’s just talk about the different textures and actions of facial masks so that you can choose the one that’s best for you, right now, to make your skin look as good as possible.

Textures of facial masks


I think it can match with quite any type of skin and it is the most used texture for facial masks. You can apply it with a brush or your fingers, wait for a moment, and take it off with some cotton or under water.


Perfect for combination or oily skin, I certainly do not advise it for dry skin. It purifies your skin and takes off the extra sebum. After such a mask, I highly recommend you to apply a hydrating cream or serum on your face.


Gel masks look pretty weird but they are perfect for a sensitive skin. Apply it with a brush, let it dry and take it off gently like a peel off mask, but a lot softer for the skin.

Peeling Off

They are perfect for aging skin because they help in removing brown pigment spots on the face and give uniformity to the tone.

Actions of facial masks


Sometimes, just a day and/or night cream is not enough to hydrate your skin. Once a week, apply a hydrating facial mask can help to heal your skin and make it regenerate. It is the same for all types of skin (even oily, yes !). Alsmot all kinds of brands propose this type of mask for any kind of budget. Personnally, I tried Nivea and Rituals and they were both fine.


A purifying/exfoliating mask helps to remove the extra sebum produced by a combination or oily skin. It also helps to remove dirts, black spots, and so on… I personally tested one by Loreal, which smells very good and does its job. For a little higher price, I got the Coco Clear mask by Hello Body. It smells like coconut and works very nicely on my face, but it is not compulsory to buy something that expensive. I advise you (again) to apply a hydrating cream, or serum or oil to help your skin in recovering and feeling soft.


A nourishing mask is perfect for dry and very dry skins. Often applied as a thick layer, it nurtures your skin for a long time.


Anti aging masks are not made to be used during the whole year. Only use them for a month or two, for exemple. They help to strengthen and tone the skin, to boost the regenerating process… Of course, they are made for aging skins.


If your skin is very sensitive, becomes red and hurts, it certainly needs to be soothed. This type of mask is, as the hydrating one, propose by a large amount of brands.


It’s the new trendy mask for all people spending the weekend or their whole life in big cities. Skin can act in a completely crazy way and it seems that this kind of mask can protect your face against air pollution.

Whatever you decide to use, it is advised to wash and scrub your face before applying any kind of mask. There are a lot of options to choose the good scrub for your face but be careful if you are sensitive. Choose it as thin as possible.


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