The Down to Earth Eyeshadow Palette by The Body Shop

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I am coming back today to talk to you about The Body Shop. I assume that a lot of you must know this brand but, just in case… The Body Shop is born in Brighton, United kingdom, and has always tried to promote ethic and fair trade. They also try to respect nature while providing the most effective products to their consumers. I already knew this brand thanks to its face and body products and, today, I wanted to present you a little eyeshadow palette called Down To Earth.

The palette is packed in a rectangular and flat plastic box on which you can easily put a label if you need to. When you open it, you can discover a mirror and the eight eyeshadows placed on two rows of four. Here are the shades :

Sahara Dune : nude matte light beige
Aztec Gold :  shimmery and warm gold
Provence Ochre : shimmery ochre with pink undertones depending on the light
Bengal Granite : shimmery frozen maroon with purple undertones
Peru Clay : nude matte clay color
Kilimanjaro Rock : shimmery brown with golden undertones
Zawar Zinc : shimmery silver
Black Canyon Onyx : deep matte black

It is a pretty palette of basics that can go to anyone and match with any kind of look. It is a bit expensive for my taste but it is supposed to be natural and i think the quality might be there as well.

There are The body Shop shops quite anywhere in the world. If you need help to find one, just say so ! You can buy it online on your country’s website. It is quite accessible with VoiceOver.

Already tested ? Want to buy it ? Tell me everything ! 

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