Let’s talk about strength…

Hi, how are you ?

Life is not always calm and easy, as we all know. Is there somebody on this Earth who has never known grief, pain, failure, despair, disappointment, loss or need ? I do not think so. Even someone we see as a sociopath has lived something hard to digest. That is even probably the reason why he/she became like this. What’s perfectly clear is that we react completely differently when trouble, dramas or problems knock at our door.

I often hear people saying “I would not be as strong as… in this kind of situation” or “yeah, but you are strong, I’m not.” And THAT made me want to write about this strength that we all need and all have inside. Mentally or physically.


Strength is getting up every morning even when we want to stay in bed
Strength is daring to express what we feel, good or bad
Strength is daring to cry in public
Strength is taking care of this body that we do not always like, no matter why
Strength is sending this letter again and again, making this call again and again. But it is also following other’s advice and making things slightly differently.
Strength is that “handicap” that we accept and we use to go a bit further every day. That makes other respect us.

Sometimes, you do not realize that what you are doing requires a lot of strength because you are comparing yourself to others. But you are as strong as your neighbor, even more.


And there are those who are involved in any kind of sport. They understand that :

Strength is when each weight represents a little piece of self-esteem that we lift and raise up.
Strength is going to the end of a run or a bike race, even a short one.
Strength is that self-confidence that comes back when our body transforms itself and when exercices become easier to do.
Strength is the smile of your partners, if you have any.

And strength can be even more. We are all strong in our way, exactly when we need to. What about you ? What is strength for you ? 

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