The Pearly Lipstick Collection by Couleur Caramel

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After one whole year without writing about the brand Couleur caramel (it was in this post), I decided to present these gorgeous lipsticks. The packing is very nice when looking at it but may seem absolutely normal for those who cannot see anything. Anyway, the names of the shades are clear, for a majority of them, so that is a huge plus when you need to order or want to ask for help in a shop. I feel attracted by a lot of them so here they are…

102 Beige brown
203 Dark Pink
204 Rosy Red
205 Light Pink
206 Raspberry
209 Golden Bronze
210 Rosy brown
217 Pearly garnet
218 Light Copper
221 Medium Pink
223 True red
224 Rust Brown
234 Rosewood
236 Sparkling sunshine : brown with shades of khaki
237 Sublime peach : orangy brown
238 Acid raspberry
240 Furtive kiss : mauve
241 Desert rose : pearly brown
242 Tahiti : dark mauve
243 Hibiscus : light mauve
244 Matriochka red : light plum
245 Pearly caucasia : pearly light brown
254 Natural Pink
255 Sun-drenched pink
256 Incandescent beige  : rose moyen
257 Ancient rose
258 Cherry
259 Light Beige

Do not forget that Couleur Caramel offers a large collection of natural and organic products, respectful of the Earth and animals. For those who are defending these causes, it is good to know. They promise a nice hydrating and moisturizing texture.

There is an official website for the United kingdom to have a look at these products and buy what you might want. For the US and anywhere out of France, I think that Amazon is your friend. Do not fear to ask if you need me to make a research of any kind for you.

Have you tested one (or more) of them yet ? Want to try ? 

pearly lipstick by Couleur caramel

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