Which kind of bag do I need ?

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A little one ? A big one ? Leather or fabric ? Which color should I choose for which kind of event ? Here are a sample of the questions I have about (hand)bags or backpacks (depending on the occasion) . Should it have a lot of pockets ? I often have a lot of things to put in my bag so i assume that you have too ?

The “Daily” bag

A satchel, saddle bag, tote bag, messenger bag, hobo bag or a bucket bag are “daily bags”. We take them to go to work or go shopping, they are larger and it could be better to choose one made of leather, good fabric or nylon. You may want to carry a lot of things in this kind of bag, maybe even a computer, that’s why you can trust their shoulder straps or large handle. They are very practical.

The “Night-type” bag

A baguette bag, clutch, envelope bag or a minaudière are bags that are mostly used for a night out (dinner, opera…) or a special occasion like a Wedding. They are very elegant but less practical, of course, because f the lack of space available. Sometimes, you have just enough space to put a phone, your keys and some money (not in a wallet or a purse, of course). And be careful : very little bags like a clutch does not fit for people with generous curves. Prefer a large envelope bag that can be so pretty and elegant. If you are tiny and skinny, you can take whatever you want !

Can you say a bit more about color or material ?

I think you can choose what you like ! Sparkling or not, a lot of pockets or not, leather or fabric… the bag that fits your personality can give you a unique style or give something funny to a total black look. but be careful not to choose a funny bag for a funeral. Respect the occasion. If you want a “daily” bag that matches every kind of outfit, prefer a black, beige or grey back. But in any other case, feel free to express yourself !

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