The face Studio Master Blush Collection by Maybelline

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I wanted to write about these blushes that everyone can find in supermarkets or drugstores because they are made by Maybelline. I already wrote about the brand here and there but I chose to do it again because I wanted to mention that there are now Maybelline stores in France, in Paris and Orleans, where we can find products that were only available on the American market. If there are such stores in your country (out of USA, of course), do not hesitate to mention it by leaving a comment below. But anyway, these products look beautiful and deserve to be talked about, even if you aren’t living close to France.

Each blush is sold individually for less than 10 euros. They are presented in a little rectangular “box” often used by the brand. It can be easier to put a label on it. There is a transparent lid that allows those who still can see to identify the color of the product. Here are the shades….

20 Brown : maroon that can be useful for some contouring
40 Pink Amber : shimmery coral pink
60 Cosmopolitan : light peachy pink
70 Rose Madison : matte pink (perfect for daily makeup)
80 Dare to Pink : intense pink (better for darker skin tones)
90 Coral Fever : shimmery coral
100 Peach pop : Intense peach color, perfect for tanned and darker skin tones but everyone can use it

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I really would like to try Pink Amber or Rose Madison if i find them in the closest store (not in stock the last time i checked but i won’t give up !). What about you ?

By the way, do not hesitate, when applying blush on your cheeks, to put some on the end of your nose. When our skin becomes colored by the sun, it also touches our nose so it is not a mistake to put some blush right there as well. But only a tiny tiny pinch of product !


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