Reading : an open door on other lives…

H, how are you ?

I wanted to talk to you about self-development and reading is clearly a part of it. At least in my opinion. I have been reading since I am a child and I currently use all tools available : paper books, e-book reader, audio files…and i think that all are accessible for visually impaired people. In Belgium and in France, at least, non-profit organization allow us to borrow books in braille or download audiobooks.

Why do I like all forms of reading ?

I love paper books because I find them attractive. There are very beautiful covers, I love the smell and feeling of paper, even in braille ! I also love my e-book reader because it is easy to take it with me everywhere i go. It can also contain hundreds of books, it is possible to change the contrast and the size of the font, which makes it very interesting for a visually impaired person. You can read in a very dark place or on the beach when the sun shines brightly. Moreover, if you choose the kindle app by Amazon (I promise, it is not a collab’), you can make Jaws or VoiceOver (or whatever you use) read the book aloud for you, so everything can become accessible, at the pace and with the voice you want. Finally, audiobooks are enjoyable when you do something else as well and are more “alive” because they are read by actors or volunteers. I like to listen to a book when i go for a long run, when I take a shower/bath or when I knit. They are available in simple mp3 format or Daisy. I use the VoiceDream app on my iPhone (not sponsored either, promise)  and I am slightly becoming addict.

Yeah, but What do you read ?

I like to read anything that my hands or ears can reach because I am a very curious person that likes to discover new things and is interested by quite everything. I like to read about cooking, knitting, sports, self-development, religion(s)… I love novels as well. Fantasy has my heart more than romance, i have to admit, but I will never say no to something i do not know.

I think reading is a perfect tool that helps us in getting access to information and culture. Reading a book can make us smile or cry, can make us learn something new. It can change our life.

Do you like reading ? In which format ? A favorite book to share with us ? 

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