Skincare routine for men with dry skin

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A few months after my skincare routine for men with oily skin, I decided to write about dry skin and to look after some ideas of products for all wallets and needs. If you feel sensitive when exposed to sources of cold or warm, if your skin causes you pain, it maybe because it’s too dry and you have to hydrate and nourrish it. I searched on the Web and found some ideas that can help you feel better.

Zirh’s face wash for dry skin

Before starting your day, ending it, shaving or applying whatever you want on your face, you have to wash it. Here is nan example of product that has been made especially for men with dry skin. Used twice a day, it washes your face softly, takes off dirt or anything and… okay, I will not turn into an advertisement machine here. That product costs more than 20 euros, so quite expensive, but you just need a small amount that you apply on your wet face with a little massage.

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Once again, this is an example. The post is not a collab’, feel free to use anything else. That said, do you already have your routine for dry skin ? Is there a product that you love or hate and want to share your opinion with us ? 

Nivea moisturising shaving gel

You do not want to ruin your skin while shaving your face, right ? Once again, you have the final word but let me propose you, as an example the moisturizing shaving gel (or mousse, both exist) by Nivea Men. It is affordable, findable in every supermarket or drugstore so why wouldn’t you try it ?

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If you prefer more expensive brands, Vichy Homme does an “anti-irritation shaving gel”. You have no excuse !

What about after-shaving ?

For men with dry skin, it is not recommended to use a lotion but rather a moisturizing or hydrating cream. ClarinsMen offers a super-hydrating balm ! But it costs more than 30 euros so be prepared for it. If you want something more natural, Weleda, which is said to create natural and organic products, has a moisturizing cream for Men that costs less than 10 euros.

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All these products and brands mentioned in the post can help you building your face care routine whatever your budget, your needs and your value might be. Let’s hope that this post helped you a little bit or made you want to start taking care of yourself.

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