The Sugar effect nail polishes by WYCON Cosmetics

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I wanted to talk about Wycon, a brand born in 2009 that I discovered thanks to a store that opened in my hometown. The products are very affordable and everything looked quite tempting. I only came out with nail polish and top coach, which is quite a miracle. The bottles are cubic which can make it easier to place a label on them or to identify them simply by touching them. I choose the Sugar Effect collection which gives a matte and kind of “crystallized” effect to your nails. Here are the different shades :

801 Rosa Glitter : sparkling pink
803 Argento Glitter : sparkling gold
805 Melanzana Glitter : sparkling aubergine
807 Blu mare glitter : sparkling navy blue
808 Blu glitter : sparkling dark blue
815 Rosa corallo : coral pink
818 Rosso corallo : coral red
820 Amarena glitter : sparkling cherry red
821 Rosso : classic red
822 Viola : purple
828 Verde Acqua : green water

I really love them, if you want my opinion. I have the Amarena one. They dry very fast, last a few days on my nails the brush is quite large and helps to apply the product correctly.

The brand is very difficult to find, I think. I have a store close to my home in Belgium (Charleroi), but I actually have not found an address in the UK or the US. If you hear about something, tell me. The website is also causing problems because half of the terms are still in Italian, even in other languages versions. Do not hesitate to ask for help if needed.

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