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I already talked about my body and face skincare routine, but, as you may know, I also take care of my teeth and lips as correctly and often as possible. If you do not do that already, I highly advise you to start immediately ! To do so, I have tested products made by Lush for a few weeks that give my mouth a sweet sugary taste. There is the Tooth Fairy tooth powder and the bubblegum Lipscrub. Lush has been founded in England in 1995. I promise, there is no partnership with the brand for this post.

sweet mouth with Lush

Tooth Powder…

Not toothpaste ! I do not use it each time i brush my teeth because I prefer a fresh mint taste to feel clean. But that little strawberry taste is not bad at all. It’s just my own choice. Be careful with the container because you do not want the powder to spread everywhere in case of accident ! But otherwise, i think it is easier and even cleaner to use than toothpaste. You can take a pinch of it and drop it on your brush or you can directly put your brush in the container to get some product on it and then normally brush your teeth. I really like the sensation in my mouth when i brush my teeth and i feel quite clean right after. I like the little flat container as well. Put a label on it to identify it and enjoy !

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Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Once a week and after i brushed my teeth, I apply some scrub on my lips to exfoliate them and make it easier to apply a dark lipstick, for example. The bubblegum lipscrub is made of sugar (you can eat it if you want) and jojoba oil. It makes my lips feel very sweet and the bubblegum taste and smell are simply fantastic ! You just need to take some product with your finger, directly in the cylindric container, and then do a little massage on your lips to take off some dead/dried skin or whatever. This scrub is quite expensive but the quality worths it and you do not need that much product to clean your lips. it will last quite long, i promise !

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I want that sweet sugary mouth !

I think that it is possible to buy these products online or in the Lush shop that is closest to your home. There are a lot around the world, especially in Great Britain, so i won’t list them all in this article. Butfeel free to ask if nobody clese to you is able to help you.

Already tested that brand ? What do you think ? 

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